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Treze Tílias (Dreizehnlinden)


Treze Tílias (Dreizehnlinden in German) is a small town in the mid west of the state of Santa Catarina, south of Brazil. It was founded in 1933 by Austrian immigrants.

At that time, Austria was having economic troubles, and the Ministry of Agriculture, Andreas Thaler, decided to build a colony in the south of Brazil, along with hundreds of Austrian immigrants. The colony originated the city of Treze Tílias, where until today both the Portuguese language and the Southern Austro-Bavarian dialect are spoken on the streets.

The city is also known because of the artists who are specialized in wooden sculptures.

Treze Tílias is distant from Florianópolis, capital of the state, around 420 km.

©Ricardo Ribas

©Ricardo Ribas

©Ricardo Ribas

©Ricardo Ribas

©Ricardo Ribas

©Ricardo Ribas

©Ricardo Ribas

©Ricardo Ribas

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